The First Type 1 Diabetic to ride solo and unsupported around the world on a 1991 Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Tenere.


Why live in the world when you can go round it


Too motorcycle around the world, and wild camp each night and ride 600KM – 800KM (372miles – 497miles) a day every day for five months. Sounds like heaven….! and it was.


The Road

Washington DC 2018 – © MAURICE MCDONALD

My 1991 Yamaha XTZ Super Tenere was flown from Scotland to New York, then ridden down to Florida across to California and up through Oregon (passing super hero runner Jamie McDonald on the way) then Canada, Yukon, and Alaska.

Alaska Highway 2018 © MAURICE MCDONALD

Riding back down to Canada the bike was flown to Sydney, Australia. Spending six weeks traveling across Australasia. The bike was then flown to South Korea; I rode up to the border with North Korea, and eventually made my way to the coast to catch a ferry that would take me to Russia (Vladivostok). 

From Vladivostok I rode across Siberian to Moscow and then eventually to Europe and back to Scotland.

RTW 2018 – 41,696km

Total miles 25,909 miles (41,696km) three sets of tires, three sets of chains and sprockets, and 8 oil changes.

Highlights: The people in each country that I visited and the help and kindness that was overwhelming.

Rode on the two longest roads in world Stuart Highway in Australia and the Trans Siberian Highway, Russia.  I was invited onto set of the Walking Dead just before shooting the current series in Georgia. Lighting missed me meters in Virginia, came face to face with a grizzly bear in the Yukon, nearly got crushed by two emergency helicopters landed next to my tent just outside Las Vegas, a gunman who was apprehended after shooting people sleeping in tents with a sniper rifle at Malibu campground California.

The Australian Outback 200 miles from Uluru also known as Ayers Rock

Fixing my bike in Siberia with Russian glue that held all the internals of the carburettor together, as American fuel is full of ethanol and makes old internal rubber parts dissolve.

One of the longest roads in the world – © MAURICE MCDONALD
California 2018 – © MAURICE MCDONALD

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